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app development for kids and teen in Dubai

App development  for kids innovators in Dubai!

An expanding number of apps and games are commanding the childhood. Many children are becoming inspired by the innovations and thinking about how they can start making their own app!Building an application means to find an exceptional formula comprising of IT combinations to make an app suitable for PCs, cell phones, and tablets. None of the application is finished without the fundamental abilities of computer programming, for example, making, testing and coding.

This anticipates to think differently, create and learn. Additionally, one of the most widely recognized liabilities of any developer are to program and fix. 


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APP development classes includes coding and programming that are foundations of the IT industry. Furthermore, kids can extend their comprehension of a few significant phases of an application creation. App development for kids  is a connected field that is centered on the plan and formation of applications Lifestyle and utility applications, social media applications, and video games are built by designers, data bases and programmers which are core aspects of app development. With high procuring potential and numerous ways for progression, unmistakably app development guarantees future work openings for the upcoming generation.

Coding is tied in with thinking. Figuring out how to code joins logical information with inventiveness and learning a totally different language. It requires intellectual stimulation and completely engages the young ones. At the point when kids code they figure out how to put themselves out there, foster procedural reasoning, and fortify their certainty. they obtain another arrangement of abilities that assist them with moving from simply burning-through data to becoming advanced makers.

Why Should Kids Learn App Development course?

There are many vocation openings for people knowledgeable in application advancement essentials, and having projects to prove experience in the domain of this field. For all intents and purposes each business in the cutting edge world necessities an internet based presence, and application and web improvement are needed to get that going. Picking up coding opens innumerable entryways in one’s career, and beginning at a young age can assist students with becoming specialists.

Apps are an undeniably significant part in the cutting edge world and, hence should be of concentration for parents and educators to teach kids. When children learn application development, they are given new paths for inventive articulation, upgrading their decisive reasoning, and further developing their innovative critical thinking abilities.

  • Cultivates Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Bridges Disparities in Diverse Populations
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Tools Needed For App Development classes for kids

App developments classes for kids are assumed to require a powerful PC or other trend setting innovation at home which is a misguided judgment. Actually most children who need to figure out how to code or create applications just need admittance to a web association and a cell phone, other cell phone, or fundamental PC.

As you’ll see, there are many free and minimal expense assets accessible online for students who need to start figuring out how to code. Numerous gadgets are viable with these, including:

  • A laptop or PC with minimum 4GB of RAM;
  • Android and iOS cell phones;
  • Tablets, like iPads and Galaxy Tabs.


  • Laptop/PC with Webcam
  • Active and Stable Internet Connection
  • Zeal to Learn!

Tips to Get Kids Interested in Coding

As guardians and educators, we should put forth an attempt to help children to see the universe of potential outcomes sitting tight for them, and this remains constant for application improvement. Students need to comprehend the significance of coding, just as the indispensable role they can play in programming improvement. Maybe in particular, they should realize that they have support during disarray or confusion while learning the subject. There are numerous ways of achieving each of these.

We at PINNACLE provide one-to-one custom teaching methodology to focus on each of our students from our proficient trainers. APP development Classes are delivered with fun learning experience, interactive modes and largely practical to give better understanding. It is aided by comprehensive and easy to understand materials for kids to revise their knowledge.

Range Of App Development Course for kids

Considering the complexity of the app development, here are our two most well-known APP development Course for kids different age groups:

  • Independent Game Builder – ages 9 to 13

Our Independent Game Builder training is incredible prologue to application improvement for youngsters. Our guides utilize involved activities and undertakings to show your kid the abilities and procedures needed to plan and construct an intelligent game or versatile application.

It gives an introduction to coding ideas and how to send out and distribute their applications and games. Toward the end, your kid will bring home their application or game and will actually want to utilize their new abilities to make significantly more.

  • Python Game Developer – ages 11 to 16

This  APP development Course have been intended for children and teens who have fundamental code insight and are hoping to advance a higher level. Your child will get familiar with the force of object oriented programming (OOP) and apply these abilities to make an amazing assortment of intelligent 2D game activities and applications.

They will be a transformed to a complete all-round coder and could be well headed to turn into an application advancement later on!

Training course Schedules

Age6 and above
Duration  20 hours
Timing In-site Flexible slots are  available
Days Weekdays / Weekends
Medium of instruction English
Registration Requirements
  • A valid Passport copy / national ID card
Teachers/Students Ratio 1:5

Why choose PINNACLE’s For App Development training for kids?

At PINNACLE, we’re enthusiastic with regards to how tech can help kids learn and set them up forever. All our tech day camps are happen in an organized and safe climate and overseen by master mentors. Here is an outline of what we can offer:

  • Tailor made teaching
  • Structured app development course
  • Flexible timing suitable to avoid collision with school schedule
  • Fundamental to advanced levels
  • Use of the most in-use technology

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