System Application and Products (SAP)

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Course Overview

SAP Basis is a cluster of programs and devices that works  as a boundary with Database, OS, message protocols and various SAP modules like FI, SD, HCM, etc. Our SAP BASIS training in UAE will pioneer varied features of Basis. Pinnacle training institute is offering SAP courses in Dubai where you will be trained on the most advanced things on SAP Basis. SAP BASIS skills is the basis for efficient SAP operations and this niche IT skill and a BASIS professional toils as an supervisor for a system which is an mixture of SAP servers. Right from setting up various SAP products in customer information center to improving existing systems, captivating backups ,archiving of information, and  gap management all are very crucial tasks for  accessibility of the system so as to  dealt by SAP BASIS consultant.

What will you achieve? 

Upon the successful completion of this course learner will be able to

  • Know about SAP system basics with clear video demonstrations
  • Learn how to search ,navigate, and get help
  • Thorough Overview of the various core modules in SAP
  • Learn how to adapt the SAP User Interface according to your likes
  • Work with post transactions and master data
  • Work with drill down and report layouts Understand common icons in SAP& Work with multiple sessions
  • Customise your desktop and local layout
  • Identify the characteristics of sub-ledgers — accounts receivable, accounts payable, and asset accounting
  • Categorize the organizational structures of cost accounting, such  as controlling  objects , controlling areas and  country-specific charts of accounts.

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for;

  • Students of Commerce or Accounts
  • MBA students or graduates
  • People who want to learn about the basics of Financial Accounting
  • Individuals with ample skill on using DBMS or SQL commands.
  • Individuals who have the fundamental consciousness of any Object Oriented Programming language.
  • Individuals skilled in any database such as Oracle.


For the associate and professional level credentials no perquisite skills are required but for specialist designation, associate-level credential should be their.

Course Duration: 

40 Hours

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Learn System Application And Products (SAP)

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