Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT)

What is an EmSAT Test?
EmSAT (Emirates Standardized Test) is a computer-based standardized test for University or college admissions in the United Arab Emirates. EmSAT test assesses the students’ skills and knowledge in the area of interest for higher studies in targeted subjects.

EmSAT test assesses on basic notions which students’ have already studied in their school curriculum and covers the knowledge and skills of grade 12 students in different subjects. EmSAT ACHIEVE Test does not have a pass or fail, as test assesses students’ concepts and skills in various disciplines, instead, some universities may require a minimum score to get admission.

The EmSAT Test score is valid for periods of 18 months from the date of the student appears for the test, so the best time to take the EmSAT test is in between grade 11 and grade 12. It raises the chance of re-appearing for the analysis and allows students’ to aim for better scores. EmSAT Achieve English, EmSAT Achieve Arabic, EmSAT Achieve Math, and EmSAT Achieve Physics are the compulsory subjects in which every students’ who are studying MOE curriculum must take the test to issue grade 12 certificate. MOE also offers EmSAT Achieve Biology, EmSAT Achieve Chemistry, EmSAT Achieve Computer Science.Each test comprises of a different set of questions and different timings.


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