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Looking for the best SAT coaching near you in Dubai? Well, if you are planning to take college admission in the USA, UAE, India, or abroad, the SAT (Scholastic Admission Test) is one of the standardized tests you will have to take. Pinnacle Education offers you with the best SAT online & classroom training in Dubai. During the 40 hours classes, you can avail 15+ SAT Practice Test papers. SAT training registrations are open now.

What is the SAT Test?

A standardized test, the SAT which assesses the reading, writing, and mathematical skills of students seeking to undergo their undergraduate studies abroad. The test comprises of 4 sections – Reading, Writing, Math- with Calculator and Math- without a Calculator. It consists of an additional optional Essay section. SAT intends to aid universities in assessing the potential of applicants for higher education. The examination is entirely paper-based and scored on a scale from 400 to 1600. However, the SAT score only cannot guarantee a student’s admission – the test takes into consideration many factors during the holistic review of an applicant’s profile.SAT Exam Preparation Course in Abu Dhabi Dubai and Sharjah UAE

What is the scoring scale for the SAT?

1. The Verbal section score is given on a scale of 200-800
2. The Math section score is presented on a scale of 200-800
3. The Essay score is provided separately on a scale of 2-8
4. The entire SAT score ranges from 400-1600

SAT Registration

A valid passport is a must to register for the SAT examination. Both the online and mail application process is addressed in brief below:

Online registration:

  1. Visit the College board website.
  2. Create an account of yourself.
  3. Submit all the required details.
  4. Select the test type and test centre for the examination.
  5. Upload a clear photograph of yourself.
  6. Pay the respective examination fee online and submit the application.
  7. After submission, once your examination admission ticket is available you only need to print that for your examination.

Application through mail:

This system of SAT application is available for candidates in the conditions, if the candidate is  –

  • 13 years or younger in age
  • wants to request testing near their home
  • are unable to upload a digital photograph
  • Want to pay the examination fee by money order or check.

The registration process in these cases is as given below.

  • SAT student registration booklet must be requested from your education counsellor or School board.
  • You must fill out the SAT exam application form in the booklet accordance with the guidelines given in the booklet.
  • This filled application form along with the money order/check for the application fee of the examination should mailed to the address given on the booklet in a registration envelope.

New SAT test Fees

The New SAT test fee structure can be divided into two parts, viz. For applicants appearing in the optional essay section and those not appearing in the essay section. For both groups the fee structure is as shown below.

  • For test-takers appearing for the essay section: US $ 64.50+ US $ 49 = US $ 113.5
  • For test-takers not appearing for the essay section: US $ 47.50 + US $ 49 = US $ 96.5.
  • Subject Test Fee – $26
  • Language with Listening Test – $26
  • All other SAT Subject Tests – $16 each
  • Late Fee – $29
  • Change Fee – $29
  • 4 Score reports are included in registration, additional scores – $12 each
  • Rushed Orders – $31 per order
  • Old Scores – $31 per order
  • Scores over the phone – $15

Reschedule my SAT test?

Yes, you can. Just login to your College Board account, click on ‘My SAT’ then click on ‘Change Registration’ and follow the procedure and pick a date that best suits you. However, you will be charged a rescheduling fee. 

Can I cancel my SAT test?

Yes, you can. You need to cancel at least 5 days before your scheduled test date, you cannot cancel after that. In case of cancellation, you will only get a partial refund. Cancel only if you do not want to take the SAT, otherwise alter the date of your exam.

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