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Make your Children become future-ready by unleashing their Leadership Skills

Leadership skills will help your children instill confidence to speak up and showcase their natural personality as a leader. Our leadership program focuses on developing 21st Century Skills like Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Communication, Collaboration, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation, Decision-Making and Public Speaking.

Why are Leadership Skills needed for your child?

  • To become aware of their responsibilities and develop their traits and character as a leader.
  • To shift from dependency to empowerment of a positive attitude, build resilience and learn lessons from their failure.
  • To feel powerful and accomplish tasks which they previously perceived as difficult or deemed impossible.
  • To organize tasks and manage time efficiently to perform better under pressure.
  • To become self-motivated and measure their progress over time even when there are no immediate results.
  • To identify and increase self-worth and establish belief in one’s own system and values.
  • To gain a better understanding of the sides of power and to learn to be accountable for their own thoughts, beliefs, and actions.
  • To enhance their public speaking abilities and gain confidence when speaking in front of a large group.
  • To learn how to work in a group and lead a group.
  • To create a positive attitude to life and encourage others around them to make a positive change in the world.
  • To use their newly acquired social skills to constructively influence their friends, classmates, school community, and social circles.
  • To develop deeper relationships with their families and realize the value of their support system.


Why choose PINNACLE for your child’s Leadership Skills Training?

At PINNACLE Education, we understand that ‘one size does not fit all‘. As a result, our tutors and mentors tailor the content of our lessons to your child’s specific learning requirements. We make sure that the children are engaged at the appropriate level and speed, regardless of their prior knowledge.

We encourage children to learn and discuss in-depth about leadership and management concepts. Children learn about the purpose of leadership, managerial styles, facts and fundamental definitions of leadership and management. We also motivate children to have a good understanding of leadership. Children engage in activities that foster problem-solving abilities, teamwork, resilience, and a variety of other 21st-century skills.

How do we develop Leadership qualities in your child?

  • Integrity – Our team is constantly mindful of setting a positive example and serving as a role model for your child. We educate by example, and children learn honesty from their teachers and mentors. Storytelling is a useful technique used I n our reading corner where we offer materials highlighting the significance of integrity.
  • Courage – We recognize and applaud your child when he or she displays courage. It takes bravery for a child to disclose his or her concern, and we encourage them to do so without fear.
  • Creative, independent thinking– When we talk with your child about something, we strive to use the “One Step Farther” approach to offer open questions that foster creative thinking. We ask one more question after we’ve gotten all of the obvious responses, in order to come up with a deeper, more innovative concept. Questions like, “Why”, “What would happen if…”, and “How do you suppose it felt…” encourage your child to think creatively.
  • Self-belief – We assist your children to believe in themselves, their ideas, visions, and skills, which are amongst the most essential things we teach them to develop their self-belief. On every step of their learning journey, we strive to encourage them. We don’t scoff at your child when they say they want to be the world’s richest person. Rather, we inquire as to what your child intends to do in order to accomplish that objective. We want children to understand that nothing is out of their reach. Leaders are someone who have faith in themselves. Only when someone truly believes in what they are doing can they persuade others to follow in their footsteps. Most kids have aspirations, yet only a few know exactly how they plan to attain them. The first step toward leadership is to set goals; the second is to understand the feasibility and how to achieve them.
  • Confidence – This is a crucial characteristic for overall success. To develop confidence in your child, we praise your child and develop a habit of talking about your child’s strengths and achievements with him/her every day.
  • Responsibility – A leader accepts accountability. Knowing once you’ve made a mistake, once you’ve made an incorrect judgement, and being able to confess and apologize are all qualities of good leadership. We foster the belief in your child that they are in charge of their own lives. It is up to them to achieve success. When your children blame someone else or something else for a mishap or come up with excuses, we see this as our opportunity to encourage your child to assume responsibility and we make sure that your child knows that it is OK to make mistakes. Mistakes provide opportunities for learning. We ask your child reflective questions such as, “What did you learn from this?”, “What do you believe went wrong?”, “Why do you think this happened?”, and “How could you prevent this?” without making your child feel bad.
  • Planning – Many children have big dreams, but they don’t think about how they will attain them. A big component of our program is teaching your child the value of planning. When children are chosen as leaders, they are expected to create and keep to a daily plan. They will learn to contribute to the planning of group activities through games and crafts. They are free to modify their ideas along the way, but we demonstrate that it is ideal if they stick to a schedule to ensure that we have enough time for everything. The most effective leaders plot a course of action beforehand and stick to it.

Who should attend this course?

This leadership course is open to :

  • Children aged 10 – 16 years.
  • Children who are ready to take up a specific set of responsibilities.
  • Children who wish to lead a team by abiding by the core values of INSPIRE, DEVELOP and LEAD.

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