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Public Training Courses 2023 

PINNACLE offers you research-based effective professional development and skill development programs in UAE and across the world. Public training at PINNACLE plays a crucial role in equipping individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving world.

PINNACLE serves as a hub of learning, fostering personal and professional growth for participants from diverse backgrounds in the fields of Computer & IT training, Leadership & Management, Accounts and Finance, HR, Business and Secretarial, Customer Service and Administration, Logistics and Supply chain, Sales and Marketing, Media Production, Construction and Built Environment and Soft skills. We offer a wide range of courses, workshops, and programs designed to address the needs of individuals, businesses, and communities. Public training at PINNACLE is dedicated to providing accessible and inclusive education to all. We cater to learners at various stages of their lives and careers, including students, working professionals, and those seeking to enhance their skill sets or embark on new career paths.

Explore a Wide Range of Expert-Led Courses and Develop In-Demand Skills for Personal and Professional Growth with PINNACLE

The trending courses are scheduled every quarter in a repetitive manner throughout the year to suit everyone’s availability and benefit both individual trainees as well as the Corporate Organizations. Our Training Calendar for 2023 gives you an overview of the courses we conduct on different dates of the year both online and face to face, so that you could enquire and register for the specific courses on time.  Kindly, note that as the seats are limited, we offer the seats on first come first serve basis and though it is mentioned on the Training Calendar it is not guaranteed that the seats would be still available as our courses are on high demand. So, we encourage you for timely registration so that you can avail the benefit of our Effective Training Programs at the earliest. In case, the Training Programs are fully booked, kindly request our Administrative Executives to enroll you for the upcoming Course Date.   

Note: The Training Calendar is developed with utmost care to conduct our trainings with great accuracy. In case there are any modifications or slight changes to the Training Schedule, we shall update you promptly. Additionally, few of our courses are offered once or twice a year and to enroll for these less frequently conducted events, you must book well in advance to reserve a seat. If you wish to enquire about the Technical or Financial Proposal on behalf of your Organization, kindly click on the link given here: to send your Corporate Enquiry, and one of our Corporate Training Coordinators will contact you shortly. To know more about the course details, kindly visit our website or send your enquiry request to, one of our Administrative Executives will reach you shortly. Should you have any queries regarding the Training Programs you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Course Name Duration Schedule Mode of Training
Power BI 5 days 12 June – 16 June
Dubai – F2F
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills 5 days 12 June – 16 June Dubai – F2F
Administration and Office Management  5 days 12 June – 16 June Dubai – F2F
Effective Problem-Solving and Decision Making 3 days 16 June – 18 June Dubai – F2F
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership 3 days 16 June – 18 June Dubai – F2F
Introduction to Digital Marketing 3 days 16 June – 18 June Dubai – F2F
Excel Skills for HR and Admin Professionals 3 days 16 June – 18 June Dubai – F2F
Telephone Skills and Call Handling Essentials 3 days 16 June – 18 June Dubai – F2F
Introduction to Data Science with Python 5 days 19 June – 23 June Dubai – F2F
Organizational Development  5 days 26 June – 30 June Dubai – F2F
Negotiations and Handling Objections 5 days 26 June – 30 June Dubai – F2F
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benefits of corporate training
PINNACLE provides a diverse selection of short professional and public training programs to upskill your career.
  • Participants from any organization are welcome to attend our public training sessions if they want to focus on their learning and growth away from the rigorous day-to-day works.
  • Participants get new perspectives on common difficulties by sharing their experiences with their colleagues from diverse organizations.
  • In demand trending short courses are designed to be repeated numerous times throughout the year.
  • For the convenience of our trainees and working professionals, some of the most popular trainings are offered more frequently, so you may pick the training program that best suits your schedule.


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