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It is the process of reducing threats to the goals of an organisation. Threats can arise from
many areas such as financial issues, cyber-attacks, legal issues, natural disasters, competitors,
human resource problems and more. The risk manager must recognise, consider and
determine how best to alleviate each of these threats through a careful and well-developed
risk management process. Risk management is vital in any organisation because, without it, a
firm is not able to define its objectives for the future. If an organisation plans without
considering risks – there is a possibility that a business may lose track as soon as any of these
risks hit.
The primary objective of this course is to connect learners & professionals in fundamental
building blocks of risk management framework and principles. It is specially designed for the
learner with no previous knowledge of risk management. Besides, it also explains why and
how an organisation manages its risks on an enterprise basis.
After the completion of this course, Apprentices will be accustomed to the various tools and
techniques, and the planning and implementation process of a risk management program. It
aims to equip them to work well in a business environment along with developing a
consciousness of the challenges in a risk framework.

What will you achieve?

Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to
● Furnish learners with an ample perspective on risk management concepts, tools and
● Understand what the risk, linkage of risk, and return are and risk management structure in
the financial institutions.
● Understand what the role of operational risk in every activity and its alleviation measures is.
● Build up logical and integrative thinking in understanding and implementing risk
management practices.
● Practice communication skills tangled with risk management topics.
● Prepare in applying Risk Management principles in your professional life.
● Know the influence of interest rate risk on assets and liabilities.

Who is this Course for?

This course is suitable for 

Pre-requisites: NA
Course Duration: 45 hours

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