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What is C++?

C++ is an object-oriented hybrid programming language that is an extension of C. In other words, you can study it and use it to create powerful applications for the Windows operating system.
Firstly, C++ is a versatile programming language that is utilized in a variety of applications. Secondly, it’s widely utilized in apps that rely heavily on the user interface. Thirdly, C++ training is critical if you want to be a good programmer. PINNACLE provides high-quality C++ training around the UAE. Above all, you are invited to join this course to learn about the latest developments in this language whether you are a student or a working professional.

Best C++ programing course in Dubai Abu dhabi and sharjah

Why should you learn C++ programming at PINNACLE?

Our C++ course will help you –
● Learn the importance, benefits, and features of C++
● Be aware of the idea of Object-Oriented Programming
● Learn how to take control of parent class into child class using inheritance concept
● Recognize the concept of polymorphism which will help to implement the object of the class in many ways
● Learn and write the information from a text file and binary file, and handle faults during file operations by using IO Streams concept
● Grasp how to manage exception and throw it to the catch block using the concept of exceptions.
● Learn how to execute the idea of generic in programming.
● Master the idea of grouping elements and finding an element from the elements collection.
● Understand how to insert, remove, and search the element in a linked list, stack, and queue.
● Study the idea of trees and graphs.

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Who is this C++ Programming course for?

● IT professionals who are interested in building their career in C++ programming
● Fresh University Graduates
● High school students


● Basic computer knowledge
● Sufficient knowledge of C language

Advantages of C++ training

● C++ is a very portable language, and it’s usually the language of choice for developing multi-device or multi-platform applications.
● Classes, polymorphism, data abstraction, encapsulation, and inheritance are all features of this object-oriented programming language.
● The C++ programming language contains a large library of functions.
● Function overloading and exception handling are both allowed, which are not feasible in C.
● C++ is a powerful, capable, and quick programming language. It finds everything from graphical user interface programs to gaming 3D visuals to real-time mathematics models.
● Structures and unions, which are a combination of independent and put-together files, can benefit from C++. It makes use of the.cpp file format, which is common in C++. It makes use of the reserved library word “goto,” which is comparable to Java’s Continue and Break commands.
● Because the C++ language does not support objects, creating programs using inheritance information is extremely difficult. Inheritance trees are the data and programs that are passed down through generations.

In short, these incredible benefits make C++ used more often than C language. Moreover, our course will highlight the primary benefits of adopting the C++ programming language. In addition, at PINNACLE, we have highly qualified industry specialists who will mentor and train you. Most importantly, you will be a C++ expert by the end of this course!

Course Outline

1. C++ Revision Tour
2. Object-Oriented Programming
3. Function Overloading
4. Classes and Objects
5. Constructors and Destructors
6. Inheritance: Extending Classes
7. Data File Handling
8. Pointers
9. Arrays
10. Designing with C++

Learn C++ Programming

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