Android App Development Training In Dubai Android App Development Course in Dubai ,Sharjah (UAE)

Android App Development Course

Android App Development Course in Dubai an introductory programming course which provides a strong foundation that would allow students to further their skills with additional skill development. Android App Development Training begins with an introduction to Java and how it is used on android studio to develop android apps, followed by how to write simple applications. Android App Development Classes will also go through the basic working methodologies of android studio and how to setup the environment and required setups. In addition, fundamental android app development tools and techniques are covered. It is a great way to boost up your skill in android development from sketch.



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Learning Outcomes:

Successful completion of the Android App Development Classes In Dubai will help you to:

  • You will become acquainted with the Android Studio’s features.
  • You will learn how to use Java code for building your Android apps.
  • You’ll learn the step by step procedures of building your apps
  • You’ll learn how to debug your apps and solve errors
  • Understanding concepts of android app designs and layouts

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Android Studio & Java
  • Understanding Layout
  • Getting your first basic app
  • Layouts, Views and Resources
  • Text and Scrolling Views
  • Activities
  • Testing, debugging, and using support libraries
  • User experience
  • Testing your UI
  • Working in the background
  • Preferences and Settings
  • Loading data using loaders
  • Final Project
  • Creation and Modifications of APK files
  • How to Register Upload Your App on Google Play

Who is this course for?

  • Age : 10+
  • Anyone who is interested in making android apps
  • Anyone with who wants android studio knowledge.


Basic Computer Knowledge Required.

Android App Development Course Schedules

Age There are no age criteria 
Duration  30 hours
Timing Flexible slots are available
Days Weekdays / Weekends
Medium of instruction English
Registration Requirements
  • A valid Passport copy / national ID card
Teachers/Students Ratio 1:5

Why Choose PINNACLE For Android App Development Training in Dubai ?

  • Exclusive guidance from expert trainer
  • Highly comprehensive study materials
  • Class Assignments
  • Secure your systems with advanced training and practical knowledge

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