Public Speaking courses for Kids & Teens in Dubai

The Importance of Public Speaking Courses for Kids

In a public situation, Public Speaking communication skills are just as important as any other life skill. Developing these abilities at a young age is important in the long term. Children’s pre-adolescent years are particularly eventful because they begin to mature into active members of society and they develop personal viewpoints and ideas on a variety of topics. When this happens, most children want to express their opinions as well. They can use public speaking as a platform to proudly express their beliefs and thoughts.

Throughout their growth, Public Speaking  children will be required to speak in public in a variety of contexts. Although it is an important Public Speaking   skill, some children are more comfortable standing and speaking in front of a crowd than others.

Benefits of Public Speaking skills Training for Kids

Public speaking helps children and teenagers develop a variety of abilities. There are few forms of children’s camps or after-school activities that may be as personally stimulating and satisfying. 

When your child is able to stand in front of a group of people and deliver a speech that aims to influence public perceptions, a whole new world opens up for them..

Some of the topics under the Public Speaking program are as below:

  • Introductory logic, with discussion of basic reasoning and logical fallacies
  • Research skills
  • Speech writing skills
  • Classical debate
  • Aspects of the science of persuasion
  • Preparation and moderation
  • Vocal modulation
  • Different genres and forums for speech presentation
  • Effective use of humor
  • Thinking on their feet (improvisation)

Why choose PINNACLE for your Kids’ Public Speaking Skills Training?

At PINNACLE Education, your child will develop:

  • Deeper skill development for children as these programs can be useful preparation for post-secondary education, where presentations and in-class engagement are essential.

  • Improved social interaction and empathy abilities are critical for their growth and maturation.
  • Increased confidence is accompanied by a greater understanding of their own personal power and inner strength.
  • Students’ critical thinking abilities are put to the test since giving a speech requires them to recognize faults in their own logic as well as that of others.
  • Self-organization and self-discipline are aspects of speech preparation and children will learn to have courage while giving a speech. Undeniably, progress in this field has significance in many other aspects of life.


How do we develop Public Speaking skills Courses in your Child?

Through our expert trainers, we build a path of mindfulness and self-actualization for your child. We help them to achieve this through:

  • ​​Understanding suppressed emotions and the way they react.
  • Acting techniques to manage their day to-day emotions.
  • Character assessment techniques to learn the flaws of their personality and the reasons behind it.
  • Learning the impact of their memories on life.
  • Networking with other participants from different cultures.
  • Learning to talk in front of people and cameras.
  • Behavioral methods to become more confident in their daily life.

Who should attend this Course?

  • Children who want to gain more confidence when speaking in front of a group.
  • Children who want to develop communication skills through a range of fun theatrical games and activities.
  • Children who want to enhance their oral language skills as well as their vocal abilities, such as voice projection and clarity.

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