Matrix Laboratory(MATLAB)

Matrix Laboratory(MATLAB)

MathWorks’ MATLAB programming language is used for numerical computational activities such as matrix manipulations, data visualizations, and advanced mathematical computations. Learn the basics of MATLAB so you can start working with advanced mathematical functions and creating exciting matrix visualizations. Consequently, learning MATLAB can lead to a variety of career opportunities in fields such as data science, data processing, computer science, Python, Java, and more.

This course is designed for people who have little or no prior experience with computer programming. Moreover, it does so using the MATLAB programming framework and language, which is simple to understand, scalable, and extremely useful for engineers and other professionals. Additionally, MATLAB is used in a wide range of fields, from the natural sciences to all engineering disciplines, economics, and beyond. As a result, a solid understanding of MATLAB is a necessary skill in today’s job market. Students who successfully complete this course will gain a strong understanding of general computer science principles, general programming concepts, and a solid base in the use of MATLAB.


After completing this course, participants will have –

  • Fundamental computer programming ideas such as variables, functions, control structures, and many others.

  • Knowledge of various data types and how to manage them in MATLAB.

  • Understanding of the powerful support MATLAB provides for working with matrices.

  • Knowledge of file input/output.


Undergraduate-level mathematics and knowledge of basic computer operations

Course Outline

  • I – Working with the MATLAB user interface
  • II – Entering commands and creating variables
  • III – Analyzing vectors and matrices
  • IV – Visualizing vector and matrix data
  • V – Working with data files
  • VI – Working with data types
  • VII – Automating commands with scripts
  • VIII – Writing programs with branching and loops
  • IX – Writing functions