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Python is a high-level programming language that has simplified theunderstanding of coding concepts. It is among the top 10 programming languages. Learning the basics of coding becomes easier with Python for kids as well as for beginners, since most Python
commands are simple English words. So kids do not have to juggle with any binary codes to learn how to code in Python. There are several code writing tools for Python that come with an easy to understand interface. These tools encourage the kids to try their hands at coding, thereby, catering to the need of learning Python for kids.


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Why Should Kids Learn Python

Since Python is known for easy readability, Python programming for kids can instill a passion for coding among them without overwhelming them. In the era of digitalization, nothing can surpass the importance of coding. So among the other programming languages like Java, C#, etc, Python for kids is a convenient option for learning the concepts of coding.

Learning Outcomes

With a world that is constantly moving forward to become more and moretech-savvy, it is wise to consider a job in the field of computer science. Successis imminent for those who decide to work as computer programmers. Not onlyare recent graduates of secondary school wise to consider and prepare themselves for a career in software engineering, but parents should work hardto equip their children with basic coding abilities so that they can becomeeligible for the best jobs in the future. Let’s take a look at the top ten reasons all children should learn a computer coding language such as Python

  • Python is easy to learn, best way to start programming
  • Python is popular in Job Market
  • Learning Python Improves a Child’s Academic Performance
  • Learning Python Makes Mathematics More Fun
  • Valuable Computing Skills are Improved

Python Course Outline

Kids ( Age 6-10 years)

Module 1-Introduction:

  • Creating Scratch account
  • Getting familiar with Scratch account
  • Getting familiar with Scratch editor

Module 2-Basics of block-based programming:

  • XY coordinate system
  • Draw a Sprite and Background
  • Turtle Graphics
  • Moving and Sensing
  • Sounds and Graphics
  • Controls, operators and conditions
  • Variables
  • Call custom-made scripts
  • Broadcast and Receive
  • Make a Game

Module 3- Create your first project:

  • Making a simple game
  • Making a calculator
  • Making a music project
  • Creating an art application
  • Creating an interactive story
  • Understand data types

Build a multimedia presentation


  • Basic knowledge of computers is preferred
  • A basic familiarity with programming is recommended.

Python Training course Schedules

Kids ( Age 6-10 years)
Course Code PINCS020
Duration 16 hours
Language English
Location Face to Face at PINNACLE premises in Dubai /LIVE Online
Certification PINNACLE Professional Certificate of Completion , KHDA Certificate

What Will You Gain

  • Learn programming in Scratch (block based)
  • Understand fundamentals of broad programming concepts (loops, variables, data structures)
  • Learn how to create smart and fun games
  • Create animations and cool visual effects
  • Learn how to run programs an unleash their creativity
  • Master the art of developing clear and effective codes

Python Training Certification


PINNACLE Innovation and Education is approved by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai. All of our courses and trainings have undergone the necessary certification process and are officially acknowledged and approved by the authoritykhda certificate

Training Methodology

All our Training Programs include the most practical and effective teaching and learning techniques. Our research-based training design, development, planning and execution has given us true experience that only a combination of these methods work well to guarantee utmost learning outcomes for our students.

Why Are We Unique? 

We define a syllabus according to the latest trends and we train the students accordingly. The idea is for students to utilize their time only on relevant technologies.

We adhere to the most rigorous instructor standards by professionals with designer and developer experience. Prior to receiving class assignments, our experienced and proficient trainers will assess your strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas where you need help. PINNACLE R&D team keeps track of recent changes of technical trends in website development and revises the course material and instruction method to keep them up to date. PINNACLE aims to help the students to become a professional web developer.

Why Choose PINNACLE?

  • Our expert trainers employ the most-effective and interactive training techniques for maximum student achievement.
  • We employ research-based, fun-filled training programs that guarantee 21st century skill development and prepare the children for the future.
  • Our programs enhance your child’s confidence, communication, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • We offer flexible face to face, online and blended mode of trainings.
  • All our course materials are comprehensive and comprise of fundamental and, systematic knowledge, practical studies and real-life applications.
  • Our conducive learning environment and utmost customer satisfaction
    approach makes every training program a memorable, enjoyable and
    rewarding learning experience for our students
  • Blend of in-person and online sessions
  • Customized Schedule as per the convenience of student and faculty
  • Exclusive attention and assistance from professionally qualified trainers
  • Useful tips on time management
  • Numerous full-length & sectional tests designed to enhance your
  • Comprehensive Study material
  • Customized in-depth mock test analysis
  • Access to Online Student Portal with practice materials
  • Detailed study plan customized to your target score and exam date
  • Intensive course with regular testing


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