Student Leadership Training Workshops in Dubai PINNACLE Education offers Face to Face Training Workshops at Schools & Universities  in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah (UAE)

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Our bespoke Student Leadership Training Program is designed to empower students with essential leadership skills, knowledge, and experiences to become effective leaders in their academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and future endeavors. Through a combination of interactive workshops, experiential learning activities, and reflective exercises, participants will develop key competencies and qualities necessary for leadership success. Our Student Leadership training will provide students leaders and student council members with the mindsets and skill sets to take on new and expanded leadership roles.

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What will you achieve?

Some of the key benefits of participating in our student leadership training include:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Self-confidence and empowerment
  • Personal growth and development
  • Enhanced academic performance
  • Preparation for future leadership roles

Who is the Student Leadership Training for?

This student leadership Program is suitable for:

  • High School students aged 13 -18 years
  • College and University students
  • Young Professionals
  • Students Leaders and Role Models
  • Aspiring change agents
  • Individuals seeking personal growth
  • Anyone interested in leadership


While there are no specific prerequisites for this course, certain qualities and attributes can enhance the learning experience and effectiveness of this course. These may include Motivation and Commitment, Openness to learning, Effective Communication Skills, Teamwork and Collaboration, Self Reflection, Growth Mindset, Resilience and Adaptability.

Training Program Details

Course Code PINMT-001 
Duration Workshop duration is usually customized according to School/ University/ Organization requirements
Timing Flexible
Language English
Location Face to Face at PINNACLE premises and Schools/Universities/Organizations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah
Certificates PINNACLE Professional Certificate of Completion , KHDA Certificate

Student leadership Training Certification


PINNACLE Innovation and Education is approved by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai. All of our courses and trainings have undergone the necessary certification process and are officially acknowledged and approved by the authoritykhda certificate

Why choose PINNACLE for your Student leadership Training?

  • Our expert trainers employ the most effective and up-to-date training techniques.
  • We employ research-based training programs with practical Training Methodology and easy-to-understand approach that guarantees the delivery of extensive knowledge implementation over a short period of time.
  • After an initial analytical training consultation, we provide personalized feedback to clients for achieving their learning objectives.
  • We offer flexible face to face, online and blended mode of trainings 
  • All our course materials are comprehensive and comprise of fundamental and systematic knowledge, practical studies and real-life applications.
  • Our conducive learning environment and utmost customer satisfaction approach makes every training program a memorable, enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for our clients.

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