Strategic Management

Course Details

Course Overview

 Strategic Management course is designed, keeping in mind the 21st century’s business strategy
requirements. This course is meant to equip you up for today’s ever-demanding business
environment; this course will prepare you for the tough times ahead and help you create a long
term vision. It enables you to identify the reason behind big companies’ success and why other
companies are not succeeding. This course is specially tailored to be creative and imaginative in
terms of taking strategic decisions and thought processes.

What will you achieve?

 Upon successful completion of this course, you will:
● Identify why strategic management is a critical point in the excellent command of a business
● Recognize and identify the old methods versus the new creative ideas
● Be able to apply new techniques and strategies in real-life business decisions
● Connect strategic management with current evolving technology and globalization

Who is this course for?

● Upper-level management or leadership team
● Individuals in a business or organization responsible for making critical and strategic decisions

● Suitable for someone with at least five years’ work experience in a leadership role
● Managers and HR Leaders in a multinational company

Course Duration: 25 hours

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