Autodesk Inventor 3D Course in Dubai Pinnacle Education Offers Classroom & Online Autodesk Inventor 3D Training in Dubai

What will you learn from this Autodesk Inventor 3D Training?

PINNACLE offers an Autodesk Inventor 3D course in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi UAE which is your one stop solution towards gaining proficient knowledge about Autodesk Inventor 3D. Known to be extensively used across wide-ranging industries such as civil engineering and architecture, Autodesk Inventor 3D software is considered to be highly valuable in today’s times. Mastering the use of the Autodesk Inventor 3D software is a great way to boost your skill set, enhance efficiency and develop professionally. Through this, you will learn how to integrate 3D digital design in your projects and keep up with fast-paced technology using Autodesk Inventor 3D. After completing this training, you will get a certificate which is approved and attested by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Ministry of Education, Dubai (UAE). Since this skill is in demand in UAE, a job seeker in the similar field, must enroll for this training to secure a job in UAE.

Autodesk Inventor 3D Course in Dubai

Who is this course for?

Professionals interested in becoming expert users of Autodesk Inventor 3D software


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • Fundamentals of mechanical engineering, drafting and design


After successfully completing the Autodesk Inventor 3D training, your skillset will be equipped with:

  • Comprehensive understanding of 2D and 3D designing tools and features
  • Advanced knowledge on creating digital designs and 3D models
  • Expert proficiency in functional use of Autodesk Inventor 3D
  • Knowledge of assembly modelling, sheet metal modelling and analysis

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