Ansys Software Training Course in Dubai


ANSYS Software Training in Dubai


Firstly, Ansys Workbench is a general-purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program that is commonly used in industry and academia to solve a broad range of engineering problems by simulating the Engineering Designs in question. Secondly, Ansys Workbench is used to virtually simulate a product’s operating conditions, allowing us to better understand its behavior and achieve excellent design results through simulation and optimization even before the product is produced. Thirdly, we can simulate problems in a variety of fields using Ansys Workbench tools, including structural, vibration, heat transfer, fluid flow, and many others.


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This course focuses on learning and completing the essential training needed for successful use of the Ansys Workbench Software so that by the end of the course, you will be able to confidently conduct geometries meshing, static structural, modal, thermal, thermo-structural, and buckling analysis with the Ansys Workbench software. In addition, Ansys Workbench Software’s Design Modeler, Ansys Mechanical, Ansys Engineering Data, and other essential modules will be covered.

Target Audience

  • Individuals interested in learning Ansys software
  • Engineering students
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Hobbyists who work on mechanical design and construction projects

Course Outline

You will be introduced to the fundamental theoretical principles of FEA, Meshing, Static Structural, Modal, Thermal, Thermo-structural, and buckling analysis in the Theoretical session.

In the practical sessions, you can learn how to use Ansys Workbench tools to effectively perform various types of simulations, such as:

 Static Structural Analysis

        – 3-D Static Structural Analysis

        – 2-D Static Structural Analysis

        – 1-D Static Structural Analysis

– Modal Analysis

       – Free Vibration Analysis

       – Forced Vibration Analysis (Pre-Stressed)

– Thermal Analysis

       – Conduction Mode

       – Convection Mode

       – Radiation Mode

       – Mixed Mode Heat Transfer

– Thermo-Structural Analysis

– Buckling Analysis

       – Structural Buckling

       – Thermal Buckling

In addition to these analyses, you’ll learn about meshing and how to create a successful mesh, as well as how to use the Design Modeler Module and other main modules in the Ansys Workbench program.

Training course Schedules

Age 16 and Above
Duration  15 hours
Timing In-site Flexible slots are available
Days Weekdays / Weekends
Medium of instruction English
Registration Requirements
  • A valid Passport copy / national ID 
Teachers/Students Ratio 1:5