Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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At PINNACLE, the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Professional Course prepares students to work in every area of the supply chain, from warehousing to distribution to customer service. To get the proper training, one can only take the Supply Chain Management Course from a reputable institute. Students can gain awareness of how
companies use supply chain networks to purchase, manufacture, and distribute products and services to meet the needs of their increasing and diverse customer base.
The Supply Chain and Logistics Training Course will assist students in learning various processes in logistics and supply chain management, ranging from Material Planning to Distribution. It is divided into three major categories: Material Planning, Procurement, and

What will you achieve?

The Supply Chain and Logistics Management Certification program aims to provide learners with the fundamentals to in-depth skills required for a career in logistics and supply chain management in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
The Course is designed to:
  • Develop crucial entrepreneurial skills demanded in logistics and supply chain framework.
  • Provide candidates with information and skills in qualitative analysis and decision making.
  • Train participants in problem-solving in logistics and supply chain businesses.
  • Instruct in approaches used in design, outlay and administration of warehouses & distribution centers
  • Acquaint the new skills to attendees in Planning, Procurement, Logistics & Warehousing Management, with global features of logistics.

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals and business person in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry
  • Managers and leaders who wish to understand the ins and outs of this sector and be able to make
    informed decisions regarding their business
  • Freshers or recent graduates who want to pursue a career path in logistics and supply
  • Buyers, supply chain managers, product specialists, logistics managers or any professional in
    the same industry.


Basic knowledge of the logistics and supply chain functions/industry.

Course Duration: 30 Hrs

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