Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Course Overview

This program covers all primary functions and practices in logistics & supply chain management
from managing the flow of goods & services from raw materials to final products, real-time
streamlining supply activities to maximize customer value, adapting new tactics to gain a
competitive advantage in the marketplace, planning & implementing control procedures for the
adequate transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the warehouse to the marketplace.

What will you achieve?

 Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
● Gain in-depth knowledge of how to manage logistics and supply of your goods & services
● Get better employment prospects with an increased skillet and methodologies
● Learn new techniques and ways to adapt to the ever-changing and demanding requirements of
● Be able to apply such techniques to your business to meet your customers’ needs in an efficient

Who is this course for?

● Professionals and business person in the Logistics & Supply Chain industry
● Managers & leaders who wish to understand the ins and outs of this sector and be able to make
informed decisions regarding their business
● Any fresher or recent graduate who wants to pursue their career path in logistics & supply
● Buyers, supply chain managers, product specialists, logistics managers and any professional in
the same industry.
● At least basic knowledge of the logistics & supply chain functions/industry

Course Duration: 30 Hrs

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Learn Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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