Change Management

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Course Overview

We live in a globalized world of continuous change. Your ability to successfully manage change will allow you to have a positive impact on your work and your life. Via structured learning activities this course will teach you how to effectively influence change by developing a ‘change mindset’, creating a productive change cycle, and leading yourself and others on the change journey. Change is inevitable but you can influence how it affects your organization.

Course Methodology

Lectures, Videos, Quizzes, discussion prompts, and written assessment

What will you achieve?

You will learn how to

  • Re-imagine change by redefining the change problem
  • Develop a balanced and reflective change mindset

Who is this course for?

We encourage and welcome anyone to Change Management. You’ll find this program especially beneficial if you are responsible for driving change on a team or across an organization.

Target Competencies

Building an organizational competency to manage change, also known as enterprise change management (ECM),  you target the foundation of how the organization operates, as well as how individuals in the organization relate to change.


No specific Prerequisites

Course duration: 2 Hours

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