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Data Science has been one of the highest-paying careers for the last few years. The rise of big data and the application of analytics to power company growth has made data scientists, a recognized class of professionals, one of the most in-demand occupations in organizations. Begin your journey to become a Data Scientist through Python. Analyze data, generate stunning visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms to turn your data into actionable statistics that can help businesses succeed. This interactive and comprehensive course is an excellent place to start learning Python and its applications in Data Science. This course will teach you the fundamentals of data science, such as exploratory data science, statistics, regression classification modeling techniques, data visualization, and machine learning algorithms. 
By the end of this program, you will be industry ready thanks to experienced guidance and plenty of hands-on exercises. Establish your mastery of data science and analytics techniques using Python by enrolling in this Data Science with Python training in Dubai. The participants will learn the essential concepts of Python programming and gain in-depth knowledge of data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, web scraping, and natural language processing. Python is a required skill for many data science positions, so jumpstart your career with this interactive, hands-on, Data Science with Python training.




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 Data Science with Python Training Outline

Who is This Course for

  • This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn data science using Python, including students, professionals, and researchers.
  • Data Scientists or Data Analysts.


  • You will receive a pre-course questionnaire , which should be completed and sent to us a week in advance . It will help us adjust the course to your needs.
  • Students having basic knowledge of python or have done the basic python courses

Who Should Attend

  • Data Analysts, Economists, Researchers, Engineers.
  • Professionals interested in the field of data science.
  • Software or Data Engineers interested in quantitative analysis with Python.
  • Individuals looking for a more robust, structured Python learning program.
  • Individuals who wish to use Python for effective analysis of large datasets.

What You Will Gain

  • Knowledge of Artificial intelligence and its life cycle.
  • Familiar with different Machine learning algorithms and its application areas.
  • Expertise in Python programming language especially with Data Analysis and Data visualization-related packages in Python.
  • Understand how to perform complex calculations and automation to process large volumes of data.
  • Gain familiarity with storing, organizing, formatting,customizing, and analyzing data.
  • Learn how to automate your tasks using the ML algorithms.
  • Learn how to use advanced formulas to crunch data and analyse it to get simpler answers.
  • Learn to use charts and advanced table-formatting tools to gather and present the data in a systematic order.

Data Science With Python Training course Schedules

Course Code PINCT006
Duration 40 hours
Timing Flexible slots are available
Language English
Location Face to Face at PINNACLE premises in Dubai /LIVE Online
Certificates PINNACLE Professional Certificate of Completion , KHDA Certificate

Data Science With Python Training Certification


PINNACLE Innovation and Education is approved by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai. All of our courses and trainings have undergone the necessary certification process and are officially acknowledged and approved by the authoritykhda certificate

In-House and Live-Online Data Science With PythonTraining Options

If you are interested in taking this training program for you and your colleagues in your organization, at your premises or at a venue of your choice or online, you can enquire now and we shall offer you customized and effective IN-HOUSE or LIVE ONLINE training solutions to meet your training needs

Why choose PINNACLE for your Data Science With PythonTraining?

  • Our expert trainers employ the most effective and up-to-date training techniques.
  • We employ research-based training programs with practical Training
    Methodology and easy-to-understand approach that guarantees the delivery of extensive knowledge implementation over a short period of time.
  • After an initial analytical training consultation, we provide personalized training plans to clients for achieving their learning objectives.
  • We offer flexible face to face, online and blended mode of trainings
    All our course materials are comprehensive and comprise of fundamental and systematic knowledge, practical studies and real-life applications.
  • Our conducive learning environment and utmost customer satisfaction approach makes every training program a memorable, enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for our clients.

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