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PINNACLE is an innovative training institute for students and working professionals in Dubai. We upskill people to become future-ready through our 400+ KHDA approved courses. We train individuals throughout the world on exam preparation, professional development, personality development, and 21st Century Skills. We deliver research-based trainings and follow the best practices of the relevant industries to keep abreast with the latest market trends.
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vision of pinnacle training institute

Our Vision

To be an exceptional global leader in upskilling the people to become future ready
mission of pinnacle training institute

Our Mission

PINNACLE is a catalyst to develop individuals as lifelong learners, who experience the power of their true potential and are ready to face the bold challenges of the future.
promise of pinnacle training institute

Our Promise

To employ innovative ideas to deliver remarkable training experience at an affordable fee.
values of pinnacle training institute

Our Values

We are strongly grounded in the principles of integrity, passion, creativity, excellence, teamwork, leadership and strategic partnership.
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Courses Offered


Our Computer Courses are designed to meet your training needs and empower you with IT knowledge and skills that accelerate any stage of your career path.


Our Competitive Exam Preparation Courses are designed to help you attain your desired score following intensive preparation.


Our Management Courses are designed to give you the necessary tools, techniques, knowledge and skills to manage the various aspects of the business world in 2021.


Our Media Courses are designed to provide you with the tools, techniques and skills required to flourish in media and production.


Our Accounts and Finance Courses are designed to meet your training needs and empower you with Accounts and Finance knowledge and skills that will boost your career.


Our Courses are designed to equip the essential 21st Century Skills, Robotics, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Skills to encourage them to pursue STEM related jobs in the future.


Our Construction courses are designed to improve the quality of construction practices with the aim of increasing the number of skilled workers in the building and construction industry.

python programming course in dubai
computer course training institute in dubai


Our Educators’ courses are designed to equip you with the skills and values needed to be an outstanding professional educator.

exam preparation training in dubai
exam preparation training in dubai


These courses are designed to provide insight into the social and economic roles, responsibilities & opportunities in hospitality and tourism.

python programming course in dubai
computer course training institute in dubai


Our courses are designed to form an important area of fire prevention workplace regulations and will supply you with top fire safety ideas.

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Why PINNACLE Is Unique?

computer trainingin dubai course fee

Innovative Course Design

Our Courses are research based and are designed holistically to equip you with the latest 21st Century Skills
ielts centre in dubai

Real Life Experience

Learning by doing makes your learning experience fun filled and exciting
institute in dubai for computer courses

Affordable Course Fees

Our Training Programs are of high quality and are offered at a reasonable course fees
accounting courses in dubai

Individual Attention

We pay individual attention to your performance and provide the necessary feedback
management training institute in dubai

Flexible Class Timing

We offer our Courses based on the student’s availability and convenience
robotics courses in dubai

Updated Mode of Learning

We have classroom, online as well as blended learning options
gre gmat sat training in dubai

Customized Course Learning

We diagnose your strengths and weaknesses to deliver differentiated learning
programming courses in dubai

Transport Facility Available

Don’t worry about your commute, we provide transportation at an affordable price
best training institute in dubai

Free Car Parking

Free parking facilities are available without any payment hassle or time limit


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International Development Program (IDP)

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