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IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a selective English language test explicitly intended to relocate to various nations to study ,work or settle down. IELTS  certification is the language capability testing standardized framework utilized by nations where English is an essential language of communication. Nations like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada acknowledge IELTS for college admissions. For the IELTS test, a nine-band scale is an action to recognize capability levels, from band score 1 to band score 9.


Key Features Of IELTS Exam Preparation At PINNACLE

PINNACLE offers the best IELTS training in Dubai. Every IELTS aspirant will be given pre-evaluation test and IELTS mentors will give a feedback about your outcome and will suggest you an appropriate course. Simply complete our enrollment process and you can start gaining our proficient IELTS trainers’ support within 48 hours. In addition Our course is developed  to give you a comprehensive practice in Listening, Reading, composing and Speaking, ensuring you know precisely how to utilize your time. Above all you will practice IELTS exam under test conditions and our experts will give you input on improving your IELTS score.

PINNACLE offers final IELTS practice test so you can see your practical score prior to taking the real IELTS assessment.


What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is an internationally-recognized standardized test of English language proficiency for study, work, and migration. Basically, the IELTS exam score proves your proficiency level in English.

A global team of professionals develops the content of the IELTS exam. Intensive research is carried out to make certain that the test remains free from bias irrespective of gender, nationality, background, location, or lifestyle. Similarly The candidate’s future plans determine whether he/she must opt for the IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training.


What Is Tested In The IELTS Exam?

IELTS exam is tested on each of the four language abilities – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You will take the Listening, Reading, and Writing tests all around the same time in a steady progression, without any breaks in between. For the Speaking test, you can book an opening on the web on your favored date and time. In the event that you neglect to pick an opening inside the specified time, a space will be consequently allotted to you. The absolute  IELTS test time is under three hours.


What Is The IELTS Exam Structure?

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What are the Modules in the IELTS Exam?

The IELTS Exam modules generally cover 4 kinds of tests which incorporate Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

IELTS Listening Module:

Duration: 30 minutes

  • You are given different recordings from assorted settings.
  • The recordings are usually recordings of general circumstances, scholarly conversations, or talks.
  • Upon completion of hearing the recordings, you are asked to address the inquiries given in different configurations such as sentence completion and coordinating, MCQ, and so forth.

IELTS Speaking Module:

Duration: 15 Minutes

  • The talking test is for the most part done per week before the test or seven days after the test.
  • The Speaking segment incorporates a couple of general inquiries identified with your family, work, life, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • You will be asked to pick card that focuses on a picked theme. You are wanted to give your opinions on this theme.
  • A conversation among you and the inspector will be led on the chosen topic in a informal and summed up manner.

IELTS Reading Module

Duration: 1 Hour

  • The reading test is segregated into small tasks. Each task demands you to apply your capability, in real life conditions.
  • You will require master direction in this part as you will see it troublesome. PINNCLE education and innovation in Dubai offers you master direction and fast tips to handily pass this level.

IELTS Writing Module

Duration: 1 Hour

  • IELTS Writing test is generally extensive. You should go through 20 minutes on the main assignment and 40 minutes on the second.
  • The first part of the IELTS writing exam will place you, in actuality, circumstances to test how you manage them.
  • The subsequent assignment centers around abstract topic. You need to respond to each topic cautiously and as clarified.


What Are The Types Of IELTS Test?

Types of IELTS Test

IELTS at offers you a choice of two tests to better meet your needs. The IELTS Academic and IELTS General.

IELTS Academic Test

IELTS Academic Test measures English language proficiency needed for an academic, higher learning environment. . Students who wish to study abroad require the IELTS Academic training. Few professionals in the medical field also require the IELTS Academic training.

IELTS General Test

IELTS General is the only English test that is accepted by all of the key immigration authorities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, for visa applications and migration purposes. If you aim to migrate there, IELTS general training would be the right choice for you.


Who Should Take IELTS?

Individuals who should opt for IELTS training in Dubai:

  • Individuals migrating to UK/US/Australia/Canada
  • Individuals who wish to study where English is the mode of instruction
  • For teachers to register in MOE or KHDA
  • Individuals who require specific band score in the IELTS exam


What Are The Benefits Of Having An IELTS Certification?

  • IELTS certification validates your English language abilities and mastery with an IELTS band score
  • IELTS is acknowledged in excess of 3000 organizations in the US and huge number of foundations in English-talking nations.
  • With an IELTS score, you can investigate huge profession openings with upgraded relational abilities.
  • Numerous government organizations, colleges, businesses, and different foundations acknowledge IELTS test results.
  • IELTS is likewise acknowledged as evidence of English capability for visas, study, enlistment, and work in outside nations.



Our IELTS Training  in Dubai covers the following components of the IELTS preparation:

  • IELTS general exam preparation data
  • Several IELTS practice tests on reading and writing
  • Training on letter composing and article composing
  • Grammar accuracy and reach
  • Writing with consistency and construction
  • Customized speaking segment
  • Basic IELTS listening practice and understanding abilities
  • Fundamental sentence structure rules


IELTS Training Options At PINNACLE:

Everyone has their own learning style and PINNACLE offers customized IELTS study plan for IELTS Academic  and IELTS General Training in Dubai. In case you are applying for migration and need assistance with IELTS General, we can help.

Our IELTS training in Dubai is intended for candidates irrespective of language levels. Even after completion of the course, we will assist you with the IELTS Study plan. Our IELTS Coaching classes and free IELTS Assessment Test are uniquely intended to assist you with scoring high.

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IELTS Online Training At PINNACLE:

We have been providing Distance Learning through web-based classes to various regions in the UAE and have proven to create extraordinary outcomes.

Our present circumstance made this web-based methodology more advantageous for some students as they could save time and In conclusion, money as opposed to going to the conventional onsite classes.

Book your seat today for the best online & offline IELTS Coaching in Dubai. 

How can PINNACLE help you with IELTS preparation in Dubai?

  • Blend of classroom and IELTS online sessions
  • Latest Materials and essential resources from Cambridge and IDP
  • Exclusive attention and personalized assistance from professionally qualified trainers
  • In-depth training in each section of the IELTS test – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
  • Useful tips on time management and test taking strategies from IDP
  • Top-quality research based detailed study material
  • Sufficient IELTS classes, Mock tests and IELTS practice tests with expert feedback to build confidence before giving IELTS Test.
  • Consistently helping students achieve desired bands of both IELTS Academic and IELTS General


Why do people highly refer PINNACLE for IELTS test preparation in Dubai?

PINNACLE Education, Dubai, is one of the expert training establishments conveying the best IELTS preparation. Our IELTS classes in Dubai will assist you with working on your perusing, composing, talking, and listening abilities. We have industry-driving experts who proposition custom fitted courses to applicants. At PINNACLE Training Institute,  we give different reviews to help our candidates upgrade their IELTS score  and  build  comprehensive English language skills. To be the best IELTS training center in Dubai , our IELTS classes are taught with adequate materials  and IELTS test taking techniques that are appreciated by all the students. The IELTS classes are conducted in flexible timings, and most importantly  keeping in mind the individual learning requirements of the students.

Our expert trainers use research-based comprehensive study material and IELTS test strategies to help you score highest bands in your first attempt.  As we aim to be the best IELTS training center in Dubai, our IELTS course will enable you to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the structure of each section of the IELTS Exam, However the different types of questions in each module and IELTS test strategies to complete each module in the given time. We understand your goals and we are here to help you score higher in the IELTS exam in Dubai.

If you are interested in securing your ideal opportunity and fulfilling your dreams by taking the IELTS exam in Dubai, join PINNACLE learning community and begin your IELTS test preparation in Dubai today!


IELTS Scorecard:





Expert user

Has completely functional order of the language: suitable, exact and familiar with complete agreement.


Very good user

Has completely functional order of the language with just periodic unsystematic mistakes and improper utilization. False impressions might happen in new circumstances. Handles complex definite argumentation well.


Good user

Has functional order of the language, however with intermittent errors, unseemly use and false impressions in certain circumstances. By and large handles complex language well and comprehends nitty-gritty thinking.


Competent user

Has commonly viable order of the language in spite of certain errors, importantly improper use and mistaken assumptions. Can utilize and see genuinely complex language, especially in natural circumstances.


 Modest user

Has partial command of the language, adapting to by and large significance much of the time, however is probably going to commit numerous errors. Ought to have the option to deal with fundamental correspondence in own field.


Limited user

Essential capability is restricted to recognizable circumstances. Has regular issues in comprehension and articulation. Can’t utilize complex language.


Extremely limited user

Incredibly Conveys and sees just broad importance in exceptionally natural circumstances. Incessant breakdowns in correspondence happen.


Intermittent user

No genuine correspondence is conceivable with the exception of the most essential data utilizing segregated words or short formulae in recognizable circumstances and to address prompt issues. Has incredible trouble understanding spoken and composed English.



Basically has no capacity to utilize the language past conceivably a couple of separated words.


If you are determined to pursue your dreams by taking the IELTS training in Dubai, join PINNACLE , the best IELTS center in Dubai and begin your IELTS test preparation in Dubai today!

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