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scratch block based coding

Scratch-Block Based Coding For kids In Dubai,designed for 6 -12 year olds to learn a particular style of programming suited to creating interactive applications with multimedia content. The Coding lesson plan needs to introduce programming concepts, logical reasoning, and stimulate their interest so that they have the desire to put their skills to use in creating their own projects. Each Coding Courselesson involves a teacher demonstration or playing of one of our videos followed by the pupils exploring Scratch and developing their own projects.

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Who Should Attend Our Scratch Coding Classes in Dubai 

  • Kids who want to learn new skills
  • Kids who are interested in creating their own projects with coding
  • Students who want to improve their problem-solving skills and strategize like a programmer
  • Beginners interested in scratch and block-based programming

What Will You Gain? 

  • Learn programming in Scratch (block based)
  • Understand fundamentals of broad programming concepts (loops, variables, data structures)
  • Learn how to create smart and fun games
  • Create animations and cool visual effects
  • Learn how to run programs an unleash their creativity
  • Master the art of developing clear and effective codes

 Coding Course Outline: (Age 6-12)

Benefits of Scratch Coding For Kids Training 

Block-based Scratch Coding for kids Training in Dubai is beneficial to start for children. It makes the implementation of logic very intuitive and does not need to learn difficult concepts which the other high-level programming languages require. They can quickly learn how to run programs and unleash their creativity With block programming for kids , a variety of programs, games, animations, and stories can be constructed. Games, though, seem to be the main reason why everyone prefers block coding for kids.


Learn the basics of Coding programming in a playful, interactive way. Create your own programs in Scratch, while you are learning how to write good and clear code.

What you’ll learn

  • Programming in Scratch (block based)
  • Broad programming concepts (loops, variables, data structures) .


  • Basic reading and listening abilities
  • General computer skills

Scratch Coding Preparation Schedules

Course Code PINCS020
Duration 16 hours
Timing Flexible slots are available
Language English
Location Face to Face at PINNACLE premises in Dubai /LIVE Online
Certificates PINNACLE Professional Certificate of Completion , KHDA Certificate

 Scratch Coding For Kids Training Methedology

All our Training Programs include the most practical and effective teaching and learning techniques. Our research-based training design, development, planning and execution has given us true experience that only a combination of these methods work well to guarantee
utmost learning outcomes for our students.

Scratch CodingTraining Certification


PINNACLE Innovation and Education is approved by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai. All of our courses and trainings have undergone the necessary certification process and are officially acknowledged and approved by the authoritykhda certificate

Why choose PINNACLE for Scratch Coding For kids Preparation?

  • Our expert trainers employ the most-effective and interactive training techniques for maximum student achievement.
  •  We employ research-based, fun-filled training programs that guarantee 21st century skill development and prepare the children for the future. 
  • Our programs enhance your child’s confidence, communication, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Learn through Live Online/Onsite/Blended sessions
  • Get Scratch coaching & Advice from Professionals ,Work on real-world projects and experience on-the-job training.
  • Tailor-made training module as per the needs of the customer ,Flexible training schedules.
  • Sample examples, case studies and variety of sample database for practice

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