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Graduate Record Examination or GRE provides a common platform for higher educationapplicants from a variety of academic, professional, and cultural backgrounds. Educational Testing Services (ETS) created the examination and Thomson Prometric administers it.
Firstly, the GRE is a computer-based multi-stage test which provides you with each sectionbased on your performance in the prior one. Secondly, the test measures comprehension, logical reasoning, critical thinking, analytical and quantitative reasoning skills. Thirdly,thousands of graduate and business schools across the world accept the GRE

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GRE Test Fee

  • Global test fee – $205
  • Rescheduling fee more than 4 days till the test date – $50
  • Rescheduling fee less than 4 days till the test date – $205
  • Cancellation refund more than 4 days till the test date – amounting to half the fee paid at the time of registration
  • Cancellation refund less than 4 days till the test date – $0

GRE Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

You can take the computer-based GRE examination at any time during the year. However, you may find it difficult to register at your preferred site, for specific dates and times. As a result, it is always preferable to register for the test 30 to 45 days prior to the test date.

GRE Test Score Report

Unofficial score report

You will receive your unofficial score report prompt after you complete the test. Consequently, the following scores will be revealed: quantitative (130-170), verbal (130-170) and total score (260-340).

Official score report

You will receive an email notification to access your official scores from your mygre account in no more than 10 to 15 days after the test date. Furthermore, the official score report has AWA (0-6), quantitative (130-170), verbal (130-170) and total score (260-340).

In conclusion, you can report your results to up to four colleges for free on the day of the examination. Additionally, you can obtain each extra score report for a price of $27 after the exam day.

GRE Test Sections

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): Assesses your ability to evaluate, generate, and maintain coherent viewpoints
  2. Quantitative Reasoning: Puts your reasoning skills to the test with numerical questions
  3. Verbal Reasoning: Assesses your ability to extract relevant information from a passage and form suggested conclusions

GRE Test Format

GRE Test Preparation at PINNACLE

In-person class:

Firstly, we provide traditional classroom GRE preparation sessions at our premises. Secondly, the Verbal and Quantitative components of the course take a total of 40 hours to complete. Thirdly, our instructors will examine pupils. For instance, they will conduct a counseling session before moving on to strategy and practice sessions.

Live Online GRE class:

Our expert trainer will aid online GRE sessions. Additionally, this GRE preparation course includes an evaluation, methods, practice, and a graded mock exam. Moreover, throughout the training sessions, students can clarify their issues and discuss their challenges with our instructor. There are 20 sessions of verbal training and another 20 sessions of quantitative training. In other words, the course is 40 hours long.  Furthermore, there will be full-length mock tests near the end of the course.

In short, both in-person and live online GRE classes will feature 40 training hours. Above all, both our in-person and online GRE students can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Full-length mock tests as per official interface
  • Topic-wise study material
  • Sufficient practice tests
  • Customized learning tools

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