ASP .Net Web development

Course Details

What will you learn?

ASP.NET provides the workspace for developers to make web applications, dynamic content-driven websites, and web services. ASP.NET is a better platform to use when developing web applications and web sites. ASP.NET is an open-source web application framework that runs on Windows and has a wide collection of toolboxes to work with web development.  It is fast, free, reliable, easy to use, and widely known. The development tool gives you the control of your project in deeper and can be used on any project, big or small.  

This course will cover the major aspects of web developments and very easy to follow and with some real-world projects to try what you are learning.

What will you achieve?

At the end of this course you will be able to build fast and secure web applications with ASP.NET. It covers all essential concepts like Ajax, ADO.Net and other details you need to develop a web application.  At the end of the course the participant will be an expert in the following features:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Website layout creation with HTML and CSS
  • Static Website designing
  • Introduction to .Net framework
  • Introduction to C#
  • Variables and data types
  • Conditional statements
  • Branching statements
  • Functions
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Exception handling
  • Arrays
  • Inheritance & polymorphism
  • Introduction to RDBMS
  • SQL Tables
  • SQL DML and DDL queries
  • Database Connection with ADO .NET
  • Introduction to
  • NET Features
  • ASP .NET User Controls
  • ASP .NET Validation controls
  • Objects of ASP.NET
  • Data Binding with Web Form controls
  • Ajax Control Toolkit
  • Publishing and Hosting

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for

  • Digital Marketing people
  • Those who wants to make e-commerce applications
  • Graphic and Web designers
  • Those who wants to achieve the knowledge about web development.


You don’t need any specific knowledge to learn ASP.Net, Basic knowledge of computer and ideas about common websites is all you need to get started.

Course Duration: 36 hours

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Learn ASP .Net Web Development

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