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Course Details

Course Overview

E-Commerce can be used by any business which aims to sell products, services etc. On-line as well as making on-line financial transactions. There are a lot of business grounds using E-Commerce: different stores (clothes, tech, medications, furniture, construction materials, books, cars etc), food & drinks delivery, banking sphere, media and many others. E-Commerce business depending on the target audience: B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C, B2P…, but the most popular today are B2B and B2C.

Our objective is to provide an idea to the professionals or business individuals about the E-Commerce websites and the related technologies like HTML, CSS, Hosting, and the ins and outs of how websites get designed, built, and maintained. With the basics of coding, they can comprehend well about the latest demands of the web-filled world. One can launch their website or publish content. This Boot camp will help the learner to become a WebMaster guiding their way to increase business profitability.

What will you achieve? 

Upon the completion of this WebMaster boot camp, learner will be able to

  • Create their own personalized E-Commerce website.
  • Understand graphic editors for creating the websites.
  • Acquire knowledge about SEO.
  • Inspect other websites and find the codes.
  • Gain complete idea about the E-Commerce websites.
  • Test and debug the websites.
  • Get deep knowledge in Domain and server.
  • Understand the background working of client server system.
  • Identify the significance of hosting.

Who is this Session for?

This session is suitable for

  • Business professionals
  • Marketing/Sales professionals


     Learners must be above 18 years and should have a basic knowledge of Computer and Web Design. 

MasterClass Duration: 

4 Hours Classroom Session 



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